Did you win?

Did you win? – Coaches Corner – 4/20/24 And just like that, the season which started 222 days ago is over. RoBovines has two new alumni, and many new friends to reach out to and share ideas with. Soon we will all pack our rooms, get in cars, and walk on planes to make the

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In the words of T-Swift – Coaches Corner – 4/18/24 By the end of today, we were struggling to keep our Eyes Open asking Is it over now? Some matches left us feeling Enchanted, and after some, we just had to Shake it off. We know All Too Well that the difference between a win

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The First

The First – 4/17/24 Well, the first day is in the books. It was a long day for sure, but we met a lot of people and got a lot done. Now we are all back in the hotel and getting ready for bed. Our day started with judging. It went very well, and we

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The Last…

“The Last…” – Coaches Corner – 4/16/24 From a coaches perspective, watching the team interact as they prepare for the event tomorrow has been a bittersweet experience. The way they work together, reminds us how proud we are of “our kids”, but neither for the first, nor I’m sure the last, time this season, we

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Déjà vu

Déjà Vu – Coaches Corner – 4/15/24 Two years ago, the Bull Herd sat in these seats, extreamly excited (and a bit nieve) about the experience they were heading towards.Two years and four new members later, our ten-person team now stampedes their way back into Houston for: WORLD CHAMPS!! The team is older, wiser, and

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Robot Send-off

Robot Send Off – Coaches Corner – 4/11/2024 Daryl (which is apparently what we have named our robot) has officially been packed up and hit the road! It was a strange feeling packing up something the team has spent so much time working on for it’s 1,800 mile journey to Texas, but we are confident

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