For the first time this year RoBovines held our first ever STEM week.
STEM week was a week long drop of program for ages 7-14. Members of our team planned and ran the program with adult leaders supervising.

About the Week

The youth in this program were split up into two groups, ages 7-11 and 12-14.

The 12-14 group used a REV robotics starter kit to learn about mechanical design and building. They worked off of a set of plans that come with the kit to build a 4 or 6 wheeled robot, with a lifting arm and sweeping intake!

This group also learned how to program the robot in Java to make it respond to the commands the drivers give with their joysticks. They also learned about CAD (Computer Aided Design) through the OnShape platform.

This program was run by Ethan S.
Support for this program was given by Corin and Norah

The 7-11 group learned about STEM and robotics through the Lego EV3 platform. Members of this program built robots fallowing a build guide the were given, then they learned to program the robots to do what they wanted on the field.

This program was run by Ethan T.
Support for this program was given by Grady, Christian, and Owen

All of the the feedback received from after the program was very positive, and the team looks forward to running the program again next year, with a few tweaks that we learned after running the program for the first time this summer. We hope to see you next year for STEM week!

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